Chişinău International Airport Parking

Useful information about airport parking at Chișinău Airport

Parking services at Chisinau International Airport are provided by a variety of companies. Parking is available in both long-term and short-term parking areas.

Long-term parking rates are based on the length of stay, while short-term parking rates are based on the amount of time parked. Chisinau International Airport also offers a valet parking service for an additional fee.

The parking lot at Chisinau International Airport features a contemporary design over all four levels, as well as 24-hour video surveillance, and it can hold 799 automobiles.

There are 571 covered parking spaces on the three lower levels, while the fourth level has 228 parking lots that are open air.

At each level's entrance is a display board with information about the accessible parking lots. In addition, there are road signs and markers spread out across the entirety of the parking lot.

Every level has a parking spot reserved for those with special needs; these spots are denoted with the appropriate symbol.

The parking garage has two elevators for transferring people and cargo, crossing ramps between levels for guests and their vehicles, control and video surveillance system, information devices, and other essential equipment per European standards.

Every parking pillar has been fitted with reflective rubber edges and a rubber rim to protect vehicles from being scratched or dented.

Airport Parking Details

Phone: +373 22 817 817 or +373 22 525 111

Address: Dacia Blvd 80/3, Chișinău 2026, Moldova


Payment Options

There are six self-service teller machines located in the parking lot. Pay with either hard currency or a credit card. There are two cash points on the first (low) level and the fourth (upper, outside) level. On the second and third levels, there is only one cash station located on each level.

Change is available at automatic teller machines if it's required. In addition, a parking spot can be purchased in the control room on the first level, where the manager is also available to answer any customer queries.

Fees and Rules

The parking lot can be accessed at any time with a parking card, which can be obtained at the building's main entrance.

The card must be kept safe through the leave process from the parking lot.

If the card is lost or damaged, you are responsible for paying the replacement fee of MDL 100.

Use one of the payment machines installed at each parking garage level to pay for parking services.

The following are the costs associated with utilizing the parking services:

  • 0 - 15 minutes – free
  • 1 hour and a part thereof – MDL 10
  • 10 - 24 hours – MDL 100

The indicated fees shall be applied to each subsequent day.

After the fee for parking and services has been paid, you will be given 15 minutes to leave the parking area free of charge before you are required to pay again.

You must comply with all of the personnel requirements and traffic laws that are in place at the parking site.

Car Parks at Chișinău Airport

Name Address Opening Hours On Airport Grounds
Parcare 2026 Chisinau, Moldova -
Metro Chisinau 2 Bulevardul Dacia, 2032 Chisinau, Moldova Mon-Sat: 06:00 - 21:00 Sun: 08:00 - 21:00
Parcare 6812 Băcioi, Moldova -
Aeroportul Internaional Chişinău 2026 Chisinau, Moldova Mon-Sun: 00:00 - 24:00

Map of Car Parks at Chișinău Airport


Frequently Asked Questions - Chișinău Airport Parking

Which car parks at Chișinău Airport can be found on the Airport grounds?
The following car parks can be found on the Airport grounds at Chișinău Airport: